Hogar / Fatehpur

Fateh Pur, a newly established (1980’s) but most developed city in District Layyah, got status as Sub-Tehsil (since January 7, 2007,) in Tehsil Karor (Laal Eason). It has a large population of approximately 1,300,000 people (estimated in July, 2009). Approximately more than 95% of total population consists of the migrants from Indian Punjab (1947) which settled in Fateh Pur after leaving central Punjab in 1970’s and later. The city is famous for its well planned ifrastructure development, clean and broad roads and streets and civilized population. Due to brave people of the area, it is also called the residence of TIGERS of THAL.

Fatehpur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


The economy of the area depends upon Government and other jobs, agriculture related business.In Fateh Pur Rent a car is Famous Business of this Region. The Markets of Fateh Pur is Organized/Well Planed. Ahmed Ali Markete, A well plan markete for Maintenance(Heavy & Light Duty Vehicles), Spare Parts and Genral shopes, with more than 200 shopes. It’s a Source of Revenue Generation. (By MPA Ahmed Ali ).

Tourist Places in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.


Being an agricultural area, Common crops sown in surrounding areas of Fateh Pur are cotton, sugarcane, wheat, rice, cereal crops etc. Gardening and fruit production (Date, Mango, Water melon, Mellon and Citrus fruits) is also an important source of income. Veterinary development is a common feature of such an important agricultural land. So, different types of useful animals (Buffaloes, Cows, Goats, Sheeps, Camel and Poultry etc.) are grown for milk and meat production. Keeping in view the potential of this region , Ch. Pervaiz Ilahi (Chief minister of Punjab) initiated a project on milk collection and dairy development in Layyah city and established different milk collection centres in different towns of the district.

Om Ghat, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh.


This is block headquarter situated at the bank of holy river Ganga . This is the place where renowned saint Bhrigu worshipped for a long time . Here, flow of river Ganga is towards north direction, which is very important from the religious point of view .

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