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  Jan 01, 2020     Akhilesh Tiwari  

On this International Girl Child Day on 11th Oct during 72th years of Independence, DigitallaadTM is inviting girl children across India to join this campaign to achieve digital expertise among girls.

#Digitallaado is a platform that has started to support a girl child or women at the national and international levels to become self-dependent.

The theme of Digitallaado™️ initiative is, "Giving Digital Wings to daughters" which aims at giving the digital expertise to the daughters who have dreams in their eyes but are unable to make it true because of society's boundaries

Digital Expertise among girls is very less in percentage due to the following reasons:

·      Insecurity, Lack of Awareness and society issues

·      The family doesn't allow their girls to let them study with boys which show their introvert nature.

·      Social Media Phobia and the typical mindset of girls.

Girls or women must know that they are fully capable of doing anything.

It has seen that girls or women using less digital media because social practice provides them with less employment, less education and less income, which leads to their less digital media access and usage.

If girls or women are provided with digital tools, it represents a tangible opportunity for women to tackle longstanding challenges of gender inequalities, including access to employment, income, and education.

Knowing digital platform, a girl or women can

·      Get a job in a renowned company or can do freelancing.

·      Explore their ideas and thoughts on various digital platforms.

·      Start their work right from home.

·      Maintain a balance between their personal and professional life very easily.

as they don't require to travel physically.

On International Day of the Girl Child i.e. 11th Oct 2019, DigitalLaado program will start to support and give new opportunities to the girls so that they can explore their creativity and to inspire them to make every girl confident enough to stand on their own feet by opening the door of Digital Expertise.

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