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Mirzapur is a city in Uttar Pradesh, India, roughly 650 km from both Delhi and Kolkata, almost 87 kms from Allahabad and 67 kms from Varanasi. It has a population of 2,496,970 of which male and female were 1,312,302 and 1,184,668 respectively(via:-census2011). It is known for its carpets and brassware industries. The city is surrounded by several hills and is the headquarters of Mirzapur District and is famous for the holy shrine of Vindhyachal, Ashtbhuja and Kali khoh and also have Devrahwa Baba ashram. It has many waterfalls and natural spots. It was once the largest district in Uttar Pradesh before the split up of Sonebhadra.

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Mirzapur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


There are a few cinema-halls. At first look the city appears to be a confluence of town, village and city life. Before the establishment of the town, the area was a dense forest and freely used by various states like Varanasi (A.K.A.:-Benaras), Sakteshgarh, Vijaygarh, Nainagarh (Chunar), Naugarh, Kantit and Rewa for Hunting. British East India Company had established this area to fulfill the needs of a trading center between central and western India. This time Rewa was a well-established state of central India and was directly connected with Mirzapur by the Great Deccan Road.

Over the time Mirzapur became a famous trading center of Central India and started trading of cotton, and silk at very large scale. The East India Company named this place as Mirzapur. The word Mirzapur is derived from ‘Mirza’ which in turn is derived from the Persian term ‘Trip Kalchu which literally means “child of the ‘Amīr” or “child of the ruler”. In Persia‘ Amīrzād in turn consists of the Arabic title ‘Amīr (English. “Emir”), meaning “commander”, and the Persian suffix -zād, meaning “birth” or “lineage”. Due to vowel harmony in Turkic languages, the alternative pronunciation Morza (plural morzalar; derived from the Persian word) is also used. The word entered English in 1595, from the French émir. The meaning of Mirzapur is the place of King.

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Meerut City, Uttar Pradesh.


In 2006 the Ministry of Panchayati Raj named Mirzapur one of the country’s 250 most backward districts (out of a total of 640). It is one of the 34 districts in Uttar Pradesh currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Once tourism used to contribute in the economy but due to lack of care from government officials and local people the unmatched beauty of the places like Sirshe dam and waterfall, Dadri (Pipari) dam, Vindham waterfall, Lower Khajuri, Upper Khajuri, Lakhaniya waterfall, Siddhnath Waterfall, Kotwan-Patehara forest, Fort of Chunar and Dadri-Haliya forest has become ‘the stories of past’. Once there was a time when every Sunday of rainy season used to be a fair like atmosphere for the neighbouring localities of Sirshe waterfall and Vindham waterfall due to their attraction of tourist not only from every part of the U.P. and but neighbourhood states too. The separation of the Sonebhadra largely affected the economical condition and after the closing of mills and depression in the carpet industry Mirzapur has become nearly economically handicapped.

The calm and easygoing Mirzapur has never been known for its lifestyle and culture. This typical small-town of Uttar Pradesh is mostly known for its carpet weaving and brassware industries than for its festivals, food and remarkable tourist spot. For years, Mirzapur was merely a way station to the famous Chunar fort. Of late, however, the city is gaining popularity for its natural beauty and charming picnic spots. Despite a decent rise in its tourism, getting adapted to a vibrant city-life still remains a distant goal for Mirzapur.

Vindhyachal dham, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.


‘Bhagwati Vindhavasini’ is a super power. Vindhyachal has always been his residence. Jagadamba’s constant presence has made Vindhyagiriko Jagarat Shaktipeeth. In the Viraat festival of Mahabharata, Dharmaraj praises Yudhishthar Devi, saying: Vindeichavanov – the best place to live in heaven O mother! You are always on top of the best  Vindhyacha in the mountains. In Padmapuraan, Vindhyachal-Nivasini has been associated with the name of  Vindhavsinini, the super power of this Vindhyvindhidhasini. 

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