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The word Ghazipur does not figure as such in ancient Indian History, but according to some historians Raja Ghadhi father of Maharsi Jamdagni was from this place. During that period this place was covered with dense forests and in it many Ashrams were situated viz. Yamdagni (father of Parasuram) Ashram, Parsuram Ashram, Madan Van etc.

Ghazipur Railway Station, Uttar Pradesh.


The Maharshi Gautam’s Ashram was near Ghazipur town some 16 Kms. east around the village Gauspur. Sarnath, where Lord Buddha got Bodhisatva or enlightenment in 6th century B.C is about 65 km. west from this district headquarter & falls in Varanasi district. Thus it became a center of Budha’s preachings during his time . This town was an important centre during Buddhist period. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang mentions this locality as “Chanchu” meaning the soil of battlefields which is signified by many important battles fought here.

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 Maharshi Gautam’s Ashram

The city has sound agriculture base and reasonably good infrastructure, yet the industrial potential is low. The lack of enterprise and technical knowledge of local people may be the major constraints in industrial growth. Ghazipur has long been famous for the manufacture of perfumes especially rose water (Ghazipuri Gulabjal )and Attar of roses (Rose oil). A local firm was awarded a medal for the quality of product in British empire exhibition in London in the last century. Now this industry is facing gradual decline due to the shrinkage of cultivation of perfume bearing plants. Sugar industry was important to this region but now there are few factories left.

The manufacturing of saltpeter is done in Saidpur. Cloth weaving is centered in Bahariabad. There are 47 registered factory under section 1948. But scenario have change from last decade, a multi productive agro manufacturing unit M/s Sukhbhir Agro, an alcohol manufacturing unit M/s Lords Distillery, a Homoeopathic Medicines Manufacturing unit M/s M.D.Homoeo Lab. Pvt. Ltd., Maharajganj, Ghazipur worked successfully in district. These companies are provide many employment opportunity.

The manufacture of rice, agriculture goods, furniture, leather, footwear, utensils, steel trunk, almirah, khandsari, candles and handlooms are the main small scale industry of the city.The opium factory located in the city was established by the British and continues to be a major source of opium production in India. It is known as the Opium Factory Ghazipur or, more formally, the Government Opium and Alkaloid Works. It is the largest factory of its kind in the country and indeed the world.

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